2019-07-31 GAC Group Deepens Institutional Reform and Strengthens the Integration of Research, Production, and Sales and International Digitalized Development

  Since August 1, 2019, based on development strategies and work needs, GAC Group has adjusted leaders and cadres of the Group's Headquarters and some investment enterprises and rotated their jobs in order to enhance the integration of research, production, and sales as well as communication and coordination efficiency of self-owned brands, reinforce the resource and strategic coordination among vehicle, part, trade, and financial segments, and accelerate its international and digital development.

  The main adjustments are as follows: Feng Xingya serves as the Chairman of GAC New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (GAC NE). Liu Wei becomes the Director of Vehicle Business Department, GAC Group. Zhang Yuesai works as the General Manager of GAC Motor. Yu Jun assumes the post of Director of International Business Department, GAC Group and is dismissed from the posts of Chairman of GAC NE and General Manager of GAC Motor. Hu Su becomes the Director of Data Information Department, GAC Group.

  This personnel adjustment is a vital initiative of GAC Group to deepen the institutional reform. It is conducive to promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises, perfecting the modern enterprise system, and guaranteeing the construction of systems and mechanisms driving high-quality economic development.


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