2019-09-26 GAC Group and Toyota Sign a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement to Deepen the Partnership in Electric Vehicles and Intelligent Connection

  On September 26, 2019, GAC Group and Toyota signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in order to deepen their partnership in the fields of electric vehicles and intelligent connection. Both parties will deepen their cooperation in the fields of electric vehicles and intelligent connection, including new energy vehicles, to contribute to China. Specifically, on the basis of the basic idea that electric vehicles can only contribute to environmental protection when they are popularized. Besides hybrid electric vehicle (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEVs) popular among Chinese consumers, both parties will strive to launch high-quality and cost-effective battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to satisfy the diversified needs of Chinese consumers and jointly stimulate the R&D and popularization of electric vehicles in China.

  Additionally, through a series of cooperation, including intelligent connection, both parties will realize resource sharing and talent exchange so as to jointly strengthen their talent cultivation ability and competitiveness.



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