2020-02-25 Mass Production of GAC Group’s Self-made Masks

On February 20, GAC Group officially started mass production of self-made masks. Five production lines were put in operation simultaneously, and the daily productivity was up to 250,000. On the same day, GAC Group respectively donated the first batch of 1 million self-made masks and RMB 5 million in cash to Guangzhou Charity Association and Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong (Zhong Nanshan Foundation). GAC Motor donated anti-epidemic vehicles worthy of RMB 5 million.

With the formal mass production of GAC Group's self-made masks, a total of 30 sets of equipment were expected to be completed by the end of this month. Apart from some equipment left for GAC use, the rest will be coordinated by Guangzhou Government and transferred to other enterprises for production. The daily productivity of GAC Group's self-made masks is up to 1 million. The masks produced will be coordinated by the Guangzhou Government, giving priority to the use by frontline workers in dealing with COVID-19 prevention and control in public services such as medical treatment, public transportation, taxis, and subways. They will also be provided to GAC Group’s employees, upstream and downstream partners, and vehicle owners of GAC Group’s vehicle affiliates to ensure resumption of work and deliver care to customers.


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